Reversible Umbrella


Embrace elegance and innovation with our Reversible Umbrella, featuring a water-resistant pongee fabric canopy and a unique upside-down design for a drip-free, stylish experience on rainy days. Crafted with a black-plated aluminum shaft and a modern C-shaped plastic handle, it seamlessly blends durability with aesthetic appeal.



Introducing our Reversible Umbrella, a perfect fusion of innovation and practicality. Crafted with a water-resistant 190T solid pongee fabric canopy, the umbrella boasts a unique upside-down design that opens and closes in reverse. This distinctive feature keeps the wet side of the canopy contained inside when closed, preventing water from dripping on the floor or yourself. The black-plated aluminum shaft and double-layer fiberglass structure ensure durability, while the C-shaped plastic handle adds a modern touch.

Experience the convenience of easy entry and exit from cars or buildings, making rainy days hassle-free. Elevate your umbrella game with this stylish and functional accessory, offering a contemporary twist on traditional design.


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