Your Future Delivery Could Use Upcycled Grain Husk Instead of Plastic Styrofoam for Cushioning



As efforts continue to reduce plastic consumption, packaging still heavily relies on plastics like shrink wrap, bubble wrap, sellotape, and styrofoam. However, a German company, Proservation, is working on an alternative to replace styrofoam in packaging with a cushioning material made from grain husks. The purpose of packaging is to ensure products make it from the factory to the consumer, but once the journey is complete, packaging becomes waste. This waste quickly accumulates globally. While cardboard, bubblewrap, and foam peanuts can be recycled, styrofoam is difficult to recycle due to its specific design. Proservation’s solution is Recou, a packaging material made from grain husks bound with a bio-based binder. Recou has similar properties to styrofoam but is biodegradable and can be easily discarded or composted. Proservation hopes Recou can replace a significant amount of styrofoam in current packaging. The material can be molded like styrofoam and is moisture resistant. Proservation will have an industrial plant operational by 2024 to scale up production of this no-waste bio-based alternative to styrofoam.

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