Unconventional lounge chair utilizes sponge-filled cords to imitate specific insect characteristics



Nature’s unbelievable complexity has always inspired human creations, big and small. One designer, Miray Ozlem ER, took inspiration from the caterpillar’s cocoon phase to create a unique lounge chair. At first glance, the chair looks unconventional, with soft, cushy ropes draped across a metal frame. These ropes are meant to represent segments of a caterpillar’s body, but the design may unsettle some due to the association with crawling creatures. The chair also gives the illusion of snakes draped over it, adding to the discomfort for some. The chair’s skeletal frame is intentionally exposed, showcasing the contrast between the shiny metal and soft fabric. Despite its width, the chair is meant for one person, and its design sends that message in a striking manner.

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