Transforming Stationery: Creating Clarity by Redefining the Art



Unleashing creativity requires choosing the right set of stationery to keep your creative flow go. The Bento Jot from NOOE, inspired by the Japanese bento, presents a unique 3-layer stationery set with a sleek design and functionality. Made of 12 carefully designed stationery items and premium materials, the set reflects Scandinavian design’s principles of quality, sustainability, and a cohesive aesthetic. The Bento Jot organizers reinforce a clutter-free workspace, utilizing 95% less plastic than other stationery options. The Bento Jot encourages users to organize while fostering undistracted creativity. Comprised of 12 items, users have all they need for their desk, and it includes the following: a solid aluminum machined ruler, dual units for versatile measurements, crafted from solid anodized aluminum, the Blade Aluminum Pen is durable and won’t scratch if accidentally dropped, the Attaché Organizer is a compact, yet expansive tool designed to streamline your workspace. It features an expandable front pocket adapting to your needs, while the 100% cotton herringbone lining adds a touch of sophistication, the Dipped Pencil with HB graphite, the journal is sustainably crafted from cross-grain recycled polyurethane, and the Draft Scissor, a staple in any office environment. The cleverly designed collection not only boosts productivity and creativity but symbolizes mindful living and personal expression, calling for implementation in enhancing productivity and creative space. Click here to own the complete Bento Jot collection.

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