The Zen House: A Cozy Tiny Home Elevated on Concrete Stilts for Slow + Serene Living



The Zen House, designed by Prague-based architecture firm Jan Tyrpekl, is a tiny home on concrete stilts that provides a cozy retreat from busy city life. The 30-square meter home is situated in the peaceful landscape of Hainburg an der Donau, Austria.

The home is elevated four meters above the ground by concrete pillars, allowing the lush green landscape to flow beneath it. Sustainable materials give the home a natural look and durability.

Featuring a timber frame made from glued laminated spruce timbers, the home offers beautiful views of the surrounding trees and orchards. The interior space is open-plan, with polished timber floors, an open fireplace, and a master bed with a concealed kitchenette.

While the home does not currently include bathroom or cooking facilities, future plans include amenities such as a sauna, toilet, and shower to be constructed beneath the central hub of the home.

The Zen House perfectly combines modern design and natural beauty to offer a serene retreat that celebrates the surrounding landscape.

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