The TITANIUM Utility Knife is a stylishly crafted everyday carry (EDC) tool.



The KIWI is a titanium trapezoid utility knife that’s designed to be a simple and elegantly styled tool. Unlike multimodal utility knives, the KIWI focuses squarely on precision cutting and ease of use, excelling with unparalleled reliability. Designed by Ying Wang for DailyGizmo, the KIWI complements its functionality with stripped-down, essence-oriented aesthetics – epitomizing the “less is more” design philosophy. This focus on simplicity and efficiency ensures an effortless cutting experience for users. The KIWI’s design rests on a lightweight titanium blade holder that houses a standard trapezoid utility blade, ensuring smooth and effortless blade deployment and retraction. In addition, the knife’s quick-release blade change mechanism assures users a tool that’s always sharp and ready for use. It’s beloved by many for its unobtrusive, yet reliable performance.
The KIWI is the perfect EDC addition, adding convenience and elegance, and making it a compelling addition to any EDC enthusiast’s collection. Available in either CNC satin silver or stonewashed grey, the KIWI oozes sophistication and design pedigree, standing out as a tool that’s not just a versatile performer, but an elegant everyday essential. For a limited time, Yanko Design readers can get their hands on the KIWI for a discounted price of $59, down from its original $79 price point. Invest in a tool that doesn’t just meet your functional needs, but also your aesthetic ones!

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