The return of the Suzuki Omnichord brings a unique and enjoyable approach to creating music



The Suzuki Omnichord OM-108 was first launched in 1981 as an electronic musical instrument that anyone, experienced or not, could use to create music or accompany a song without reading notes. It became popular for its electronic sounds and unique design but faded from view in 1996.

To mark its 40th anniversary, Suzuki has created a new model that faithfully recreates the original with the same analog circuits. The new OM-108 aims to reproduce the tonality associated with the period while adding modern features to cater to today’s audience.

The OM-108 boasts 108 chords and new functions, including a switch to change the way chords and rhythms are played, and a drum pad mode that transforms the chord keys and strumplate into beats. In addition, the OM-108 can connect to external MIDI devices to mix tones and, during live performances, the built-in speaker can be turned off when connecting to an external speaker.

This new model may look like a toy, but its unique sounds cater to fans of the electronica genre. However, its anticipated sales start in July, with the price and market availability still unknown.

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