The Resto-Bar in Goa, India with Two Huge Nests on its Cliffside Perch



The restaurant Como Agua, nestled on the vibrant and lush tropical area of North Goa, India, offers stunning views across the Vagator cliffs. Designed by the architects at Otherworlds, the bar is adorned with two large nests at the top, giving the restaurant a unique and innovative structure. It occupies 3750 square meters and is a vivacious open-air design built from bamboo and Lantana camera. This is particularly interesting as this shrub species has been wreaking havoc on the floral fauna in the area. The architectural team has utilized the Lantana camera in a harmonious and integral way, wrapping it around metal railings, bar, partitions, and canopies. The design resembles woven structures built by weaverbirds and the concept was inspired by these social birds’ nesting habits, collecting natural materials to weave a membrane that acts as their nest.

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