The Genesis X Snow Speedium concept: an electric luxury coupe ready for winter conditions



Chicago’s icy winds have presented a challenge for electric vehicle owners and highlighted a gap in Elon’s electric car lineup. But now, Genesis Motor has introduced the X Snow Speedium concept vehicle, designed specifically for extreme cold.

The luxury edition of Hyundai’s South Korean division described the X Snow Speedium as “a symphony of strength and elegance, no matter the temperature.” The electric concept is based on the X Speedium Coupe and is aligned with Nissan’s X-Trail Mountain Rescue vehicle for mountain expeditions and responder missions.

The brand representatives stated that the vehicle is a representation of Genesis’ transformation into “an all-electric car brand.” The vehicle is designed with winter in mind, featuring a white exterior and a unique ski rack designed in collaboration with Anavon Ski AG.

While the EV concept is not yet headed for production, it reflects Genesis’ plans for emission-free vehicles in the years to come.

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