The Beeline Velo 2: A Beautifully Simple Bicycle GPS with Carbon-Negative Design and Strava Compatibility



Beeline, makers of the popular bike navigator, recently announced the Velo 2. This compact GPS device boasts a 1.28-inch circular LCD IPS display, which is a significant upgrade from the original e-paper display. The Velo 2 offers essential ride metrics, including distance covered, ride time, speed, ETA, and a compass. It also allows riders to plan routes, share them on apps like Strava, and even rate them in retrospect. The device features Beeline’s signature minimalist design, making it an ergonomic and practical accessory for bicycle enthusiasts.

The Velo 2 continues the tradition of its original predecessor, offering access to updated routes and basic metrics. Its compact, smartwatch-like design with a tactile RockerTop interface makes it stand out from traditional GPS computers. The Velo 2 prioritizes easy navigation and ride data over complex features, making it a user-friendly and distinct accessory for cyclists.

Furthermore, the Velo 2 is environmentally conscious, boasting a carbon and plastic-negative design. This aligns with Beeline’s commitment to supporting eco-friendly modes of travel. The device, along with its mounting system, is also designed to be entirely repairable through Beeline’s refurbishment scheme.

One of the most notable features of the Velo 2 is its innovative approach to navigation, which leverages user feedback to improve cycling routes. It allows cyclists to rate roads during their ride, contributing to a database that helps create more enjoyable and efficient routes. The Velo 2 also directly integrates with Strava, making it easy to upload and share rides with friends and family.

Overall, the Beeline Velo 2’s focus on simplicity, intuitive interface, and innovative routing approach make it an appealing choice for cyclists seeking a straightforward, enjoyable biking experience.

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