Stunning wireless charger concept serves as a reminder to take a break



Nihoy Lahiri’s wireless charger concept takes a unique approach by combining it with a desk clock. The sleek and elegant design of this charging clock not only serves a practical function but also has a deeper purpose – it reminds users to take a break and charge themselves as well. The wireless charger’s minimalist design trends are offset by this innovative approach that combines form and function, making it a decorative piece that also calls attention to its design and spiritual message. The design’s gentle curves, translucent material, and Yin Yang composition create an otherworldly appeal, while the arch-shaped void invites users to practice mindfulness by reminding them of the importance of time over digital distractions. This concept serves as a gentle visual nudge, prompting users to consider their internal battery levels and practice mindfulness. By positioning the clock above the smartphone, it sends a subtle reminder that time should take precedence over digital devices, guiding lives toward the zenith rather than descending into distractions.

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