Stunning Winning Images from the Close-up Photographer of the Year 2023 on Design You Trust



Hungarian photographer Csaba Daróczi took home the 2023 Close-up Photographer of the Year title with his captivating photo of a Eurasian nuthatch in mid-flight above a hollowed-out tree stump. His winning entry earned him a universal license for the Affinity Photo, Designer, and Publisher applications, as well as a £2,500 cash reward. Daróczi’s shot was selected as the top entry in the Animals category out of around 12,000 submissions from photographers in nearly 70 nations.

In addition to Daróczi’s winning photo, the top three photos from each of the 11 different categories were also recognized, including a special category for photographers under the age of 17.

Some of the noteworthy winners from other categories include Victor Tyakht’s “Dune Wrestling” and David Joseph’s “Natural Architecture” in the Animals category, and Barry Webb’s “The Ice Crown” and Jay Birmingham’s “Autumn Emergence” in the Fungi & Slime Moulds category.

Under the Intimate Landscape category, Csaba Daróczi also secured the winner spot with “Undertow”, and Jack Margerison’s “Ferro Field” was awarded third place in the Human Made category. Daróczi’s exceptional work was recognized once again in the Invertebrate Portrait category with “Jumping Stick.”

Additionally, young photographers were also recognized with Carlos Pérez Naval winning the Young Photographer Of The Year award for his photo “Small Wanders”. Alexis Tinker-Tsavalas secured both second and third place with “Comatricha Nigra” and “Dicyrtomina Ornata” respectively.

The competition attracted a global audience and recognized photographers from various countries for their exceptional close-up photography skills.

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