Stunning Nature Photos That Won the Fine Art Photography Awards on Design You Trust



Nature photographers were honored in the Fine Art Photography Awards 2023 Amateur Nature category, with Thaddäus Biberauer taking top honors for Dancing Poppies. This award is one of the most prestigious and cutting-edge in photography. The Fine Art Photography Awards, launched in 2014, is a global platform that celebrates new trends and embraces diversity in the world of photography. The other winners in the competition included work by Miguel Angel Garabal Otero, Tomas Tison, Marco Antonini, Stefano Balma, Robert Bogacz, Renzo Cicillini, Bingzuo Jiang, and many other photographers. Their beautiful and compelling images depict a wide range of natural subjects from around the world. More amazing photos can be seen on the Fine Art Photography Awards website or their Instagram page.

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