Sticky notes holder concept includes an extra tall panel for your notes



With the world being digital today and not everyone conforming to this trend, sticky notes are still favored by many for taking notes and staying organized. However, Post-its can become disorganized and clutter your space. Designer Liam de la Bedoyere introduced a solution, a Post-it Note Holder design concept, to create one place for all your sticky notes needs. Sticky notes remain popular due to their ease of use and space efficiency, but they often clutter your space. This design concept is designed around sticky notes so you don’t have to work hard to keep everything in one place. It includes a holder for keeping a stack of notes ready to receive your scribbles, a curve at the back to hold a pen, and a very tall and narrow board that rises from the holder to serve as a space for sticking your notes after you’ve written them. The design limits the space intentionally, teaching you to condense essential information. It also includes a place for variations, such as a wall-hung design with an inclined note holder for easier access to the pad.

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