Revolutionary AI-Powered Night-Vision Goggles Provide Game-Changing 4K Vision in Ultra-low Light – a World’s First



The evolution of night vision technology has come a long way, with the AKASO Seemor upholding this momentum with a groundbreaking use of AI. It includes a large CMOS sensor that collects vast amounts of light data, while an AI-driven ISP algorithm enhances everything it sees, offering up to 99% color reproductivity and 16x digital zoom. The AKASO Seemor stands out significantly with its AI-powered night vision capabilities, showcasing vibrant colors and vivid details even in ultra-low light settings. The gadget is equipped with 7 infrared settings, 4K video/image capture, and can store impressive amounts of media, offering up to 4 hours of use in IR mode and even features a USB port for direct charging. The Seemor is ideal for both casual users and professionals, equally adept at both capturing and viewing the world around you. With its dedicated app and wireless capability, the Seemor takes Night Vision to the next level.

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