The Rabbit R2 Smartphone appears to be the next logical move for the AI hardware company’s future plan.



Smartphones have hit a plateau, but that doesn’t mean they’re obsolete. The problem isn’t with the smartphone’s design, it just needs to get smarter. This was evident in Spike Jonze’s film Her, where a smartphone with AI showcased flawless interaction and task execution. The R1 by Rabbit at CES 2024 generated immense excitement with its innovative design and capabilities, even though it was another device to carry around.

Rabbit R1 could be the answer to Smartphone’s innovation draught

The R1, designed by Shreyansh Onial and Teenage Engineering, sold out twice despite its limitations as an independent device. Now, Shreyansh Onial has introduced the Rabbit R2 concept phone, which takes smartphones to the next level with Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). It looks like a regular smartphone on the outside but is powered by an ultra-powerful AI, combining the benefits of a smartphone with a virtual assistant. The R2 has the potential to become the next logical step for smartphones, offering an advanced assistant capable of handling complex tasks through verbal cues and intuition.

The R2 represents a significant evolution, and while the term “smartphone” is already in use, it’s time for a new term to describe this revolutionary device.

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