Nissan Trail Mountain Rescue vehicle designed for rugged rescue missions in the Italian Alps



Nissan recently unveiled a specialized version of the X-Trail model, designed for mountain rescue operations, showcasing the brand’s dedication to capable off-road vehicles. The robust X-Trail Mountain Rescue vehicle is equipped with the innovative e-4ORCE all-wheel drive powertrain, enhancing its performance on challenging terrains with exceptional grip management. This system delivers optimal power to each wheel in just 1/10,000th of a second, promoting stability and control necessary for speedy mountain rescue missions. The vehicle’s debut at the Italian ski resort of Cervinia is sure to attract attention, thanks to its purpose-built design and practical features tailored to aid rescue teams. The addition of tracks and other gear such as a stretcher, siren, flashing light bar, and enhanced lighting, demonstrates Nissan’s commitment to supporting mountain rescue services. By adapting the X-Trail to meet specific rescue team needs, Nissan showcases its ability to innovate within the automotive landscape while serving diverse user groups. The unveiling of the X-Trail Mountain Rescue vehicle reflects the brand’s engineering prowess and commitment to addressing unique off-road challenges.

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