Moto Watch 40 blurs the boundary between smartwatch and fitness band with its design



The Moto Watch 40 is a wearable offering that combines the style of a smartwatch with the functionality of a fitness band. Unlike most smartwatches, which come in either a square or circular shape, the Moto Watch 40 has a rectangular body, similar to fitness trackers, but with the overall appearance of a smartwatch. Its curved screen gives it a refined look compared to traditional rugged fitness trackers. However, its functionality is more limited compared to smartwatches, with the main focus being on health tracking. It has sensors for tracking activity, including blood oxygen levels and sleep, but it lacks advanced features commonly found on smartwatches. Despite this, the Moto Watch 40 offers a 10-day battery life with a quick 25-minute charging time. Priced at $64.99, it provides a stylish and affordable option for those who are looking for a device that strikes a balance between a smartwatch and a fitness band.

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