Mayla Yacht’s speedboat fuses powerboat agility with luxurious automotive style



Mayla Yacht offers you a 44-foot GT superboat that’s both sleek and powerful. Capable of reaching a top speed of 100 knots, this high-end carbon fiber boat has a spacious cockpit to provide ample summer enjoyment and doubles as a beach club. Whether you prefer gas, diesel, electric, or hybrid powertrains, you are sure to appreciate the 3,000 HP performance each one provides. Not only will the powertrains deliver top performance, so will the deep-V monohull and twin transversal steps with Petestep deflectors, all designed to increase air bubbles and reduce surface friction.

Relaxation and entertainment are also guaranteed with a sundeck, foldable dining tables, a wet bar, and an on-board freshwater system and a hot water hub. The GT superboat is also designed to accommodate eight passengers along with luxurious amenities such as a double bed, sofa lounge, and entertainment system.

Starts at $1.8 million, the Mayla GT is the perfect boat for a distinctive luxury experience or even just a test ride.

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