Is the Pixel 8 Pro thermometer’s ability to read body temperatures worth it?



Google’s new Pixel 8 Pro comes with a surprising feature – a body temperature sensor. Previously, the sensor was only able to measure the temperature of objects, but Google recently announced that it has received FDA approval to use the sensor to measure body temperature.

This new feature comes in response to the recent pandemic, as many people have become more conscious of their body temperature. With this new sensor, users can now read their body temperature using their smartphone, eliminating the need to carry around a separate thermometer.

The temperature sensor uses an infrared sensor located near the phone’s cameras to measure the body’s temperature by detecting the infrared radiation emitted by the body. The data is then processed by an AI algorithm and displayed on the Pixel thermometer app.

Although Google claims the accuracy of the feature, some are skeptical about its real-world application. The process of measuring body temperature with the phone is not as quick or straightforward as traditional thermometers, as it requires holding the phone two inches away from the forehead, swiping the phone toward the temple, and only taking four seconds to complete the scan.

Despite the skepticism, the addition of the body temperature reading feature is a significant upgrade and may prove useful in certain situations. Along with this new feature, Google also introduced other enhancements, such as Circle to Search and a new Mint Green color for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. If you’re in the market for a new phone, the Pixel 8 Pro might be worth considering for its innovative new feature.

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