Is it Acceptable to Regift a Present?



Regifting: The Dos and Don’ts

Regifting, the practice of giving a gift you’ve received to someone else, is a highly debated topic, but it can be done successfully if you follow the right etiquette.

Mistakes to avoid when regifting

– Personalized gifts, such as items with a name or initials, should not be regifted.
– Handmade gifts, like a knit blanket or piece of art, should not be regifted.
– Gifts that you simply want to get rid of should not be regifted.

If it’s got your name on it. Don’t re-give it to someone else.

When not to regift:
– Within a friend circle, as it can create awkward situations.
– When it would be noticeable that you aren’t using the gift, as it may lead to questions.

Tips for successfully regifting:

– Regift new and unused items with their original packaging and tags.
– Consider the recipient’s likes and dislikes before regifting.
– Take time to wrap the present creatively and include a thoughtful card message.

Alternatives to regifting:

– Consider donating unwanted gifts or offering them as hand-me-downs.
– Use them in a white elephant gift exchange or create a wishlist using Giftster.

In conclusion, regifting can be done with tact and thoughtfulness if the right etiquette is followed. Remember to consider the recipient’s feelings and preferences when repurposing a gift.

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