Introducing 3 Simple Methods to Add Items to Your Wish List on the Giftster iOS App



The new release of the Giftster App for iOS is causing some major excitement. This update brings new and improved wish list-making capabilities that are worth checking out. Let’s explore three new methods for adding items to your list.

1. Add items to your wish list from Safari
No need to copy and paste links anymore. Now, with the new update, you can simply tap the share icon and select the Giftster app from the share sheet while browsing your favorite stores on Safari. It’s that easy – add items to Giftster without leaving Safari.

2. Add items from your favorite retailer’s app
If you frequently shop at Walmart or Target and use their app, you can seamlessly add items to your Giftster wish list from many retailer’s apps. Find the item you want and tap the share icon to bring up your iPhone’s share sheet. From there, simply tap Giftster to add it to your list.

3. Find & fetch items from the in-app browser
In the Giftster app, you can utilize the in-app browser to search the web and use the Find & Fetch mode to add items directly to your lists.

If you haven’t tried Giftster yet, get the free iOS app today. Additionally, Giftster is also available on Google Play or at

Happy gifting!

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