Innovative handheld gaming PC combines features of Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Surface



Handheld gaming devices are revolutionizing the PC gaming industry, with Valve’s Steam Deck leading the charge and big brands like ASUS, Lenovo, and MSI quickly following suit. One manufacturer, ONE-NETBOOK, is set to release a unique hybrid device that combines the functionality of a Nintendo Switch and a Microsoft Surface tablet, blurring the lines of what a “handheld” device is.

To be competitive in the gaming market, handheld PCs must be powerful enough to run AAA titles. The OneXPlayer X1 aims to satisfy both gaming and productivity needs, featuring a generous 10.95-inch 2.5K screen for comfortable viewing and a lightweight design of only 789 grams thanks to the use of 6000 series aviation aluminum.

Inspired by the Nintendo Switch, the OneXPlayer X1 features detachable controllers for gaming and a keyboard cover similar to the Surface Pro for productivity. However, concerns arise about whether the device will truly deliver on lightweight handheld gaming, especially with its high price tag starting at around $950 and doubts about its gaming performance with an Intel Core Ultra processor and Intel’s ARC GPU. The combination of successful design elements does not guarantee overall success, making it a risky investment.

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