In less than three minutes, this rikshaw transforms into an e-scooter with shape-shifting capabilities



Meet the S32 EV, an electric scooter that transforms into an e-rikshaw and vice versa. The vehicle appears well-suited for commercial use, given the intense commute, home delivery, and logistics needs in the region. This specially designed vehicle can serve a variety of purposes, offering a flexible solution for hauling cargo or making trips to local stores.

The S32 EV is an industry-first innovation with an interchangeable body frame, allowing for swift transformation. The process, which takes less than three minutes, utilizes a specially engineered spring-loaded mechanism to seamlessly convert the three-wheeled e-rikshaw into an electric scooter. The touch of a button is all it takes to switch between the two shapes, without the need for any tools.

The vehicle, designed for commercial use, has independent modules for the e-rikshaw and electric scooter, each with its own batteries and motors. The e-rikshaw mode carries an 11 kWH battery, generating 6bhp and capable of hauling 500 kg with a top speed of 50 km/h. In contrast, the electric scooter utilizes a 3.5 KWH battery with a 4 bhp output, allowing for a top speed of 60 km/h.

While primarily intended for commercial use, the S32 EV offers customizable configurations, including a cargo bed or passenger seats. Hero Motor Corp aims for a production timeline of 2025 but has not yet disclosed pricing or a release date.

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