Ideas for Group Bridal Shower Gifts



Bridal showers are a time for celebrating, honoring, and expressing love for the soon-to-be Mrs. So, what’s the origin of bridal showers and how did wedding shower gifts start? Let’s delve into some unique bridal shower gift ideas.

The origin of bridal showers dates back to 16th-century Holland, where it emerged as an alternative to the dowry system. Small gifts and favors from family and friends were given to the soon-to-be Mrs. to help her start her marriage, especially when her family could not afford a dowry. During the Victorian era in the United States, the term “shower” became common as women gathered to celebrate and gossip, often placing small gifts in a paper parasol that would “shower” over the bride-to-be.

While bridal shower history may be tied to concepts like dowries and paper parasols, the tradition of wedding showers remains a common practice. It’s a way of showing the bride extra love before her big day with special gifts to support and celebrate her new journey in married life.

Today, most individuals spend around $50-75 on wedding shower gifts, with group gifting becoming more popular. Group gifting allows for higher-end gifts from the wedding registry that may be out of an individual’s price range. There are several benefits to group gifting that make it suitable for any occasion.

Unique bridal shower gifts don’t always have to be physical items that need to be unwrapped. Hosting the bridal shower itself can be a gift. Planning a bride-approved theme, selecting a venue, sending out invites, and organizing activities can make for a memorable celebration.

Another option is to host the bachelorette party as a group bridal shower gift from the bridesmaids. Experiences often hold more value than physical items, so organizing a truly memorable event for the soon-to-be Mrs. is a wonderful gift.

Chip in on a higher-end wedding registry item for a bridal shower group gift. Many wedding registry items have various price points, and contributing as a group to a higher ticket item can make for a great bridal shower gift.

Alternatively, give the bride a group gift that she can shop for herself. This allows her to select something she truly wants and needs.

When it comes to gifting, GiftCrowd offers a fully online platform that makes group gifting a seamless process. Users can shop online from 400+ brands, providing the bride with the ultimate gift of choice.

In conclusion, bridal showers are steeped in tradition, and giving the soon-to-be Mrs. all the love and support she needs to start her marriage. Group gifting offers unique and meaningful bridal shower gift ideas that go beyond traditional physical items, creating lasting memories for the bride-to-be.

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