Holistic design of non-invasive glucose monitor concept could potentially save lives



Smartwatches and wearables are becoming better at tracking our health, but there are still some biometrics that these tiny sensors can’t measure. Diabetes, in particular, is difficult to monitor, with checking blood sugar levels being uncomfortable and painful. This has led to a race to develop non-invasive glucose monitors.

A design concept from Cambridge Consultants, called Zedsen, takes a different approach to encouraging regular health monitoring and avoiding worst-case scenarios. The team behind Zedsen, including Harry Moorman, Adam Haynes, Viviane Mosso, Callum Beal, and Mary Chan, aims to make a blood sugar monitor that doesn’t require blood, as well as creating a more human-centric design to overcome psychological barriers to using medical devices.

The device itself is minimal and unassuming, with a visual theme that evokes calmness and discovery. The mobile app also follows this theme to create a stronger connection between the hardware and software. While Zedsen’s design may not be groundbreaking in terms of technology, it is focused on appealing to the human side of the equation and making non-invasive glucose monitoring more accessible and less intimidating.

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