GPT-enabled pen digitizes, summarizes, translates, and computes notes in real-time,



XNote is rolling out a new pen that holds a secret: AI technology. The pen looks like an ordinary pen combo anyone could own. At first glance, one might think it is just an average pen to jot down everyday notes, but within lies cutting-edge AI technology that will change the way you write.

In addition, XNote comes with a notebook reminiscent of Moleskine that really feels premium. The notebook and pen combo helps you write in style and saves your notes digitally.

The XNote can instantly digitize notes, sketches, and drawings and send them to the app, essentially converting it into digital form. Through the app, the XNote pen can translate notes into any language, and assist you with various tasks such as taking down minutes of a meeting, or even simplified complex equations.

You can get the XNote pen combo for a special price of $179, which also includes offerings such as worldwide shipping, ink refills, a charging cord, and the subscription for the XNote AI+ Membership plan, priced at $59 for an annual subscription. With a design created to make the process absolutely user-friendly, XNote is indeed revolutionizing the world of note-taking, and with loads of security measures in place, remains a reliable option for anyone.

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