DJI Just Released Their Own 3D Model Editing Software… And It Totally Makes Sense.



DJI just launched its own 3D model editing software, Modify, and it’s making complete sense. DJI’s drones have become synonymous with stylized cinematography and even high-octane races, but they also find themselves being used for photogrammetry, 3D mapping, surveillance, and delivery. Terra and Modify, DJI’s latest software, turn video and image data into 3D models for efficient planning and mapping, and can even edit out objects like humans, cars, and obstacles to create seamless 3D scans. Modify helps identify and remove unwanted floating parts or artifacts, and can even repair surfaces with clever tools, saving hours of work. The software also uses AI to regenerate signs, fix damaged patterns, and replace old models with new ones. DJI Modify is targeted towards professionals in various sectors and is available for free as a Public Beta on DJI’s Enterprise website.

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