Devialet Phantom I: A Golden Tribute to the Year of the Dragon for Chinese Speaker Yang Bao Wa Liu



French audio brand Devialet’s iconic wireless speaker, the Phantom I, renowned for its side-firing bass reflex ports and elegant color options, gets a fresh new look for the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Renamed Phantom I 108 dB by Yang Bao & Wa Liu after its designers, the limited-edition speaker features a striking gold and red color scheme inspired by the mythical dragon. This exclusive version will be available from January 23, 2024, to April 23, 2024, or while supplies last, and is referred to as ANIMAL, referencing the dragon of Chinese culture.

Handcrafted with 22.5-carat gold leaf accents and red strokes, the Phantom I boasts a sculptural design that embodies the dragon’s dynamic movement. The play of light and shadows allows the speaker to blend seamlessly into its surroundings, while still exuding a powerful yet serene presence. The intricate design process takes around two weeks to complete, with two gilders meticulously applying gold leaf and red lacquer to each piece. The result is a visually and artistically stunning object that embodies the fusion of nature and music, power and serenity in a single package.

The Phantom I 108 dB by Yang Bao & Wa Liu is a true work of art, with a price tag to match at a hefty $6,700 per speaker. This limited edition speaker is a must-have for audio aficionados and art enthusiasts alike.

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