Designers imagine a chic mask for entering polluted air



As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes a distant memory for many, the reality of the situation is that new subvariants of the virus are still a concern. Additionally, air pollution levels are exceeding WHO particulate matter ratings in many areas, leading to an increased risk of fevers, coughs, colds, and respiratory and heart issues.

In response to these challenges, designers Doyoon Kim and Seongmin Ha have developed the Air-Diver, an innovative face mask that draws inspiration from fish gills to provide a solution for breathing clean air in a post-COVID environment. The mask utilizes onboard filters to reduce exposure to airborne particulate matter, while also regulating air purification and providing a supply of clean air based on the pollution level of the surrounding environment.

The Air-Diver features external air intake holes and a two-stage filtering process using a photocatalyst filter and an H1 class HEPA filter. It also includes releasable oxygen capsules for increased air supply, as well as a heat and exhaled carbon dioxide release opening to ensure proper ventilation.

The mask is designed to fit securely to the face using an air presser – silicon ribbing – ensuring a comfortable and safe experience when venturing into polluted environments. The Air-Diver offers a practical and effective solution for individuals looking to protect themselves from both viruses and air pollution in their everyday lives.

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