Design You Trust: Two Pianos Joined Together to Create a Surreal Sculpture with Realistically Carved Octopus



The Third Octave is a stunning sculpture that artist Maskull Lasserre created, combining two pianos with an incredibly detailed carving of an octopus that stretches across both pieces. It took about 2,000 hours for Lasserre to complete the work, and it required taking risks and working toward an uncertain end result. The interior elements of the pianos spill out after the artist intricately dissects them, and at first glance, the combined pieces appear as a single elongated instrument. Lasserre was aware that some music enthusiasts might be apprehensive about the transformation of the pianos, but he was committed to elevating the instruments into something thought-provokingly fresh. According to the artist, transforming a musical instrument into a sculptural object allows for the exploration of unexpected possibilities, trading traditional sound for intricate visuals and thought. He wanted his sculpture to reflect the inherent beauty of the instrument’s mechanism and the anatomy of an octopus. That resonance was something he aimed to capture with his work.

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