Chairs Made Using Hemp and Eelgrass: One-of-a-Kind and Unique



The Mat Chair is an innovative and unique chair design by Normann Copenhagen made using hemp and eelgrass. Foersom & Hiort-Lorenzen teamed up with the furniture brand to create a collection of plant-based chairs unveiled at Stockholm Design Week. The Mat furniture collection includes two chairs, one made from hemp and another from a combination of hemp and eelgrass. The hemp stems used for the shells are sourced from farms that typically treat them as a waste product, and the eelgrass chairs are made from a blend of dried eelgrass and hemp fibers. These intriguing materials were used to replace injection-molded plastic to create a shell chair supported by powder-coated steel legs. The chairs were created in collaboration with hemp specialists from the Danish Technological Institute. The hemp fibers are combined with dried eelgrass to create a sheet material that is shaped using a specially developed compression machine and mixed with a “bico binder” to make the chairs easily recyclable. According to Søren Stryhn Petersen, chief technology officer at Normann Copenhagen, the idea of using a bio-based binder is appealing because it is a natural material and would reduce the use of oil. It has been important to ensure the material used for the chairs is recyclable.

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