Caviar’s Galaxy S24 Ultra: A Luxurious Tribute to the Year of the Dragon



Samsung’s new limited edition Galaxy S24 Ultra, created in collaboration with luxury brand Caviar, is a lavish and exclusive celebration of the Chinese New Year. The phone is adorned with a 24-karat gold bas-relief of a Korean dragon and features an analog watch with a mechanical CVR ELT3350A Tourbillon and 19 stones. The design also includes 12 Western Zodiac symbols, representing the fusion of Western and Eastern culture that Samsung is known for. Every detail of the design, including the green color of the watch dial, which symbolizes rebirth and prosperity, has been meticulously crafted. With only 24 devices being made and a price tag of $15,070, this limited edition phone is reserved for the elite and will be a highly sought-after collector’s item.

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