Bose Ultra Open Earbuds x Kith collaboration: Stylish clip-on buds designed to be glasses friendly



Music listeners have been drawn to open-fit earbuds as a comfortable alternative to traditional in-ear buds. The Shokz OpenFit, 1More Fit S50, Soundpeats RunFree, and Sony LinkBuds are popular options for those with an active lifestyle who prioritize fashion and comfort. Bose initially introduced the Sport Open wireless earbuds in 2021, but due to lack of popularity, they were discontinued after a year. Despite their success with the Quite Comfort earbuds, Bose is now embracing the trend of open earbuds with the release of the Ultra Open earbuds at CES 2024. In collaboration with Kith, a fashion and lifestyle brand, Bose has designed the buds with a unique clip-on configuration that offers all-day comfort for wearers, allowing them to enjoy audio while still being aware of their surroundings. The Kith edition Bose Ultra Open Earbuds will be available in limited numbers in the US and Europe for $300 starting on January 22nd, with the possibility of a more mainstream version in the future.

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