2023 International Photography Awards: Winning Nature & Landscape Photos Featured on Design You Trust



Cari Letelier’s “The Ions Ballet” takes 1st place in the International Photography Awards (IPA) 2023 nature and landscape category. The stunning collection of wildlife photos from IPA captivates viewers worldwide, expertly portraying the wild strength, diversity, and beauty of the natural world. Among the winners are Francisco Negroni’s “A Perfect Cloud” in 2nd place, and Ryan Fitzsimons’ “Once in a Lifetime” in 3rd place, for the professional category. Enrico Curti’s “Asgardian Landscapes” takes 1st place in the non-professional category, followed by Sam Austin’s “Heart of the Forest” in 2nd place, and Babak Mehrafshar’s “Desert Glory” in 3rd place. Other notable winners include “Textures” by Andreja Ravnak, “Shine” by Alexander Hormann, and “God’s Back Garden” by Li Sihan. With captivating titles like “Moonrise over Galway Bay” and “Her Majesty with the Crown,” these images provide a breathtaking visual journey through the wonders of nature.

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