10 Eco-Friendly and Stylish Tableware Essentials for Your Dining Table



Sharing a meal is an intimate experience that requires a comfortable dining setup, making quality tableware an essential component for any dinner party. We’ve curated a collection of innovative tableware designs that are sure to elevate your dining experience.

1. Hida-Cedar Bowls: Spun, finished, and lacquered within Higashi Shunkei’s workshop, these stunning wood bowls made from cedarwood showcase a dark finish with light-colored bands, making them a unique and sustainable addition to your dinner table.

2. Earth-Friendly Tumbler: Made using PAPLUS, a new thermoplastic resin mixed with biodegradable paper, this tumbler offers a unique texture similar to ceramic or wooden cups, bringing a sensory experience to your drinks.

3. Walnut Shell Tableware: Sustainable plates made from walnut shells, pine resin, and Canauva Power, providing a wide range of colors and light transmissions, are a great alternative to conventional ceramics.

4. Kreis Cup: A sustainable coffee cup that keeps your coffee hot for longer periods, made from spent coffee grounds, offering a sensory coffee-drinking experience.

5. Wasteware Collection: A range of tableware made using leftover food, providing an effective solution to food wastage and adding a burst of color to your dining table.

6. Reusable McDonald’s Tableware: Made using Tritan, a plastic resin similar to glass and ceramic, offering improved functionality while retaining the essence of McDonald’s original design.

7. Earth-Friendly Stacking Cup: A stylish and minimal cup made from eco-friendly synthetic materials, offering a soul-enriching drinking experience.

8. Smogware: A minimal porcelain tableware collection integrated with air pollution particles, creating a unique and innovative design.

9. Calzone: A reusable folding plate that functions as a versatile multifunctional product for picnics and hikes.

10. Grass-Fed Bone China: A line of tableware created from the bones of grass-fed cows, providing stronger, creamier, and more durable ceramics.

With these innovative and sustainable tableware designs, you can transform your dining experience and add a touch of creativity to your dinner parties.

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